About Us


We’re passionate about improving quality in all we do.

– Zeinab Alizadeh, Company founder

From the start, our aim is to provide high quality services for our clients—services that are uniquely tailored, holistic and enduring.

RubyTek Company company focuses on producing and marketing for software and business solutions, consulting , research activities, and supply providing services.
In RubyTek Company, we want to enhance a business with a portfolio of products and services. The Long-term aim is to improve people’s quality of life by providing them high quality services.
Our services are categorized in two major fields: Software and business. In the first category, we develop software solutions for different businesses besides building up our ideas. We also plan to attract other consultancy works in the field of IT and computer technology into our company. Moreover, in order to remain up-to-date in this highly competitive market, RubyTek company will continuously try to develop and publish scientific research in the above mentioned field.

Our Vision

To achieve the long term success, the goal is to gain a positive reputation among businesses which order services and products, clients who use the products, and also our competitors.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision we will undertake the following activities. Firstly, we produce high quality and productive solutions that will results in satisfied users and their recommendation to new users. Secondly, we present our products in their related businesses. Thirdly, we advertise online and in social networks like Facebook.